Having fun and avoiding work on a sunday evening.  

Some old demon or something.  Just realized his head looks like an old earth globe.

Something I did a while back for my buddy Martin Deschambault’s Project 77
Late night oddity
Photoshop.  Mostly.
I never do fan art.  But then I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I was like, I’d like to paint a tree-man.

It’s my dad.

Oil and Photoshop
Something I did quite a while ago (hence the greens)  Might as well put it up…
Child’s Head

Imagine FX august 2014 cover


I did the cover for the august 2014 issue of ImagineFX, I believe it just came out in Europe and online. I did a workshop for it as well.

90 notes
I’m off to Toronto then New York for a week.  Here’s something weird and dumb -
Pencil, oil, photoshop.